Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary


3098 S.W. 14th Street
Miami, FL 33145

Main Number: 305-444-7437

Vocation Director: 305-444-7437

Fax: 305-447-0341

Community Information

Foundress and Superior General:  Mother Adela Galindo, S.C.T.J.M.

Vocation Director:  Sister Ana Margarita Lanzas, S.C.T.J.M.
Vocation Phone:  305-444-7437

The Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a religious institute of Diocesan right, founded by Mother Adela Galindo, in the Archdioceses of Miami.  Mother Adela is also the foundress of the Family of the Pierced Hearts, made up of priests, deacons, and lay persons who are associated to the spirituality and the apostolic mission of the Congregation. 

Our Spiritual Charism is to be a living image and presence of the Heart of Mary in the heart of the Church and to place our Marian charism at the service of the Petrine Principle.

Some fundamental elements of our Spiritual Charism include:  Eucharistic adoration and contemplation; openness to the power of the Holy Spirit and to the charisms; total consecration and identification with the Heart of Mary; to love, think and live in the heart of the Church; to daily seek conversion in the active exercise of virtue; to live and do all things in a spirit of prayer, of heroic love and of humble service in the fulfillment of duty; to live fraternal life with joy and simplicity of heart; to have a mature, generous and responsible disposition to embrace every mission entrusted to each sister; integral formation, covering all areas of the consecrated person; apostolic ardor: enflaming the world with the love of the Pierced Hearts.  We desire to be an offering of love and consolation to the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary by choosing in all things the perfection of love. May love always triumph!.

Our Apostolic Charism is to be ardent witnesses of the power and fecundity of love and the splendor of the Magisterium and treasures of the Church so as to form the human heart to build a new civilization of love and life in the heart of the Church and in the heart of the world. We are at the service of the New Evangelization to build a New Civilization of love and life.

Some of our apostolates and means of evangelization and formation are:  International and national conferences - Eucharistic, Marian and Charismatic; parish missions and spiritual enrichment retreats; formation courses; education and catechesis; use of all means of communication:  radio and television programs; information and formation center on the web; promotion of the dignity of the human person; Eucharistic cenacles and vigils of prayer and reparation; pilgrimages to foster love for the treasures of the Church; music ministry; consecrations to the Two Hearts:  consecration of countries, dioceses, priests, schools, marriages, families and others; works of mercy; diocesan and parochial ministry: diocesan commissions, pastoral assistance, direction and administration of retreat centers and Newman centers. We base our apostolic mission on two pillars: Spirituality and Doctrine to form a way of life.  We are called to be living witnesses to the legacy of Blessed John Paul II.

As for women interested in our community, we welcome young, single women between the ages of 18 and 35 who have never been married and who desire to offer their lives in humble and joyful love, prayer, and consolation to the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary, at the service of the New Evangelization to build the New Civilization of love in the heart of the Church and in the heart of the world.  They should have at least a high school diploma and preferably some upper-level studies.  They should be willing to learn to write and speak English and Spanish since our community is bilingual and ministers and serves in both languages.

 “All for the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary” –  (motto of SCTJM)

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